Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ride, Rope, Hammer and Paint, 2013, 26x40 inches, Drawing with cut paper, string, pen, spraypaint, screenprint

Swing, 2013, 15x20 inches, Woodcut

Construction, 2013, 30x15x8 inches, Paper, Basswood, Balsa Wood, Spraypaint, String

Derrick, 2013, 20x30 inches, Drawing with screenprint, cut paper, string, pen, spraypaint

 Cherry Picker, 2013, 13x17 inches, Screenprint and Linocut

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monument, 2013, 22x30 inches, Woodcut

Monolith, 2013, 30x16 inches, Drawing, Screenprint, Spraypaint, String, and Cut Paper

Towers, 2013, 26x16 inches, Drawing, Screenprint, Spraypaint, and Cut Paper

Tee Tops and Foul Bite, 2013, 6x9 inches, 2 Plate Etching

Brand New Cadillac, 2013, 15x22 inches, Linocut and Screenprint

El Gavilan, 2013, 6x8 inches, Linocut and Screenprint

He Stopped Loving Her Today, 2013, 14x11 inches, Lithography and Screenprint

Scrapyard Two, 2013, 12x18 inches, Screenprint Monoprint

Scrapyard Four, 2013, 22x15 inches, screenprint monoprint with drawing

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Header and The Heeler, 2013, 11x18 inches, 4 color Lithograph
No Strings Attached, 2013, 12x18 inches, 2 Color Linocut
Stop Playing with Your Food, Joey!, Collaboration with Andrew DeCaen, 2013, 15x22, Lithograph

Stumblin' Pete, 2013, 11x14 inches, Screenprint

Schlitzie: The Pinhead That Made Milwaukee Famous, SGC Portfolio Print, 2013, 11x14 inches, Screenprint

BANG! Bang!, 2013, 8x8 inches, Screenprint and Linocut 

Friday, March 1, 2013